Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Media News

The insert in Monday's Independent is Media weekly and it is fantastic. If you ever wonder about buying a paper to accompany you on a Monday train journey get the Indie.

Two things from Monday:

Paul Arden, former chief executive of Saatchi & Saatchi does a brief column called Just a Thought. Here is yesteday's in full:

Old golfers don't win. It's not an
absolute, it's a general rule.
The older golfer can hit the ball as
far as the younger one.
He chips and putts equally well.
And will probably have a better
knowledge of the course.
So why does he take the extra
stroke that denies him victory?

He knows the downside, what
happens if it goes wrong, which
makes him more cautious.
The young player is either ignorant
or reckless to caution.
That is his edge.
It is the same with all of us.
Knowledge makes us play safe.
The secret is to stay childish.

On the back page is a piece called My Mentor. This week Giles Coren talks about his Dad, Alan. Here is Alan's advice on writing creatively at school:

'Whatever the first thing is that comes into your head, don't write that because that's what everyone will write. When the second idea comes into your head, don't write that either because that's what the bright kids will write. Wait for the third idea, because that's the one that only you will do.'

I'm thinking, at the next regular renaming of this blog, of calling it The Third Thing I Thought Of. Nice alliteration too.

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