Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cafe Create

Café Create 20/01/2006 7:30-11:00
Another year of fine café culture and local talent. The mayhem began...

Well we had:

Two solo musical acts - Jon Potts and Ben Plummer.

Two bands - Celestial Spy and Sipyerwine2it.

A tribute to Robbie Burns - thanks Helen. He was a Scot apparently. Does anyone want to do some anti-Scots poetry next time? That'll be me then.

Some fine prose from Rory.

Some audience poems to cheer up a slug.

Fine limeric completion by Ali. Also great 'in case of fire' instructions. 'In case of fire it will be the fire twirler who started it'. Cheers. Helpful.

Cool DJ 'jamin.

Great visuals. Thanks Roobarb, Custard, Danger Mouse and Sanna. One of these is a real person, outside readers.

A fire twirler on reception duty. Cheers Paddy. Where else can you just turn up on the night and say, 'Would it be OK if I did a bit of fire twirling in the garden?'

Great new Fair Trade wine (the Chilean one not the other one - plummy wine shouldn't actually taste of rotten plums) and fair trade nuts ground into the carpet. (Perhaps not next time unless someone else wants to contend with a full Dyson at 12.45 a.m.)

We had our youngest ever member (welcome Eden a two weeks early gift for Al and Emma) who slept through the show.

Golly don't we have fun?

Next Cafe is March 24th. If you aren't there you will miss so much but we don't know what yet. If you want to perform see Caroline as I have eight weeks sabbatical leave from St Paul's. We also need a new female compere for when Caroline goes to Africa. She's a hard act to follow but lemeno if you wanna do it.

Ta to the stage hands. Tough job guys. No-one notices unless the stage isn't there on the night or is still there the next morning. Appreciate it.

Finally thanks to Ali for not starting with this joke:

There's a new zoo in town. It isn't very good there. It only has one animal, a dog. It's a shih-tzu.


Caroline said...

sorryto show my ignorance where does Cafe Create actually occur in Leamington?

St said...

My lack of communication does not make you ignorant. Cafe Create happens in St Paul's Church Lounge, Leicester Street. Next one is Friday March 24th.