Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stuff for Advent

Finished the Christmas news-letter. Not blogged yet but previous efforts here if you want to get in the mood. Good job because Mrs T rejected it as too newsy and not funny enough. It has to score at least three laugh-out-louds when she reads it to be worth publishing. Re-read it and agree it's more clever than funny which isn't funny or clever. Clever doesn't suit me.

Latest tombstone suggestion. 'He was a funny man.' This to replace 'I knew it was my fault I just didn't know how.'

Anyway put on a few tunes to get inspiration and managed to complete an article for Crusaders (still called that but watch this space). Why can I only do work as a displacement activity for fun?

Changed mood by playing the soundtrack from 'O Brother Where Art Thou' then Traffic's 'On the Road' live from 1973.

Discovered the Q 'Best of 2005 sampler' (the blue one not the yellow one, hope you didn't buy the yellow one) was really good.

Christmas letter getting there.

Surfed. Found a chav nativity. Laughed. Ta Darren and co.

Added jokes to Christmas letter. Removed libelous stuff after due consideration. Now may just qualify as amusing.

The blogspot spellchecker doesn't recognise the word 'blogged'.

Must do Christmas shopping and food shopping. Think I'll pop out for lunch and a pint.

Have been asked to lay my hands on a 50 year old Morris Minor which is about to be driven to Africa. As in 'pray for' rather than 'find'.

This is the stuff of the ordinary day of a person with two jobs. Which one should I do full-time? Vote now.


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Martin said...

My advice which is something I could do with following more is, ask God. I hope that your two months are useful for this.

St said...

Explanation of Martin's comments. I have a two month sabbatical from my St Paul's job from mid-January to mid-march. During it I will decide whther to write or clerge full-time.