Friday, December 02, 2005

Sex and the Cynics

Just out this week:

Sex and the Cynics - Talking About the Search for Love
Damaris Books
Talking About series
Edited by Tony Watkins

Written by Nick Pollard with Steve Couch, Annie Porthouse, Tony Watkins, Peter S. Williams and others. I am one of the 'others' and wrote the chapter called Up Close and Personal - A Biblical Perspective on Love.


Annie Porthouse said...

yes, but if you check out the amazon link to 'our' book you'll find your name up in lights... well, almost. And if you click on yr name, you'll discover that you are, in actual fact, the author of 21 books...!

St said...

Wow. Annie. How famous am I? Pity they haven't got the only decent book I wrote and the ones about psychiatric nursing and midwifery were by some other Steve Tilley, unless I have a secret life so secret I don't even know about it. Thanks though.