Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Big Blogger

Hello BB how are you?

You rang master.

Yes BB. How come I feel guilty paying others to do jobs I don't want to do?

You want me to go into your psyche again. I'ts horrible in there.

Oh go on.

£50 an hour.

How much?

It's cheaper than the gardeners.

There's three of them.

Special deal. Half-price for the first hour.

OK then.

(BB disappears)



Sorry. It's rough in here. Found an emotional coupling rupture.

A what?

We call them ECRs.


You have a dependency circuit connected to a coping mechanism. Everytime you pay someone to do something you can't do it normally over-rides. Yours isn't.

Is it swertious?

Is it what?

Swertious. It's like serious only typed quicker.

I've told you about that.

I know. But is it?

Well it means that not only will you feel guilty when you pay someone to do something. You'll also feel guilty when you ask someone to do it unless they are a friend who has an automatic over-ride. I'll disconnect.

Hey, the guilt's gone.

Excellent. By the way there are a lot of other emotional circuits that have been disconnected. Shall I put them back while I'm down here?

(Screams) No! Get out. Cheque please.


hadge said...

Aaahh, reading this post takes me back to the mighty Supergroup and the legendary song Counselling Conversation, remember? Those were the days eh? And would you believe I'm actually a fully qualified Counsellor now - oh the irony (but I'm now studying hypnotism since it's quicker and you can also make people act like a chicken, so it's less boring too!) "Hey! I think I can hear what you say! . . ." Spandou Ballet eat your hearts out . . .

St said...

From here I can see
Your body is talking to me
You're resting your hand on my knee
But that's what I'm here for...

Or something

Thanks for the memories counsellor boy.