Friday, December 30, 2005


Thought I would inaugurate the Mustard Seed Shavings awards of the year and then hit trouble. Couldn't recall anything about the year. Have to have a think.

A quote from the past hits me; 'Why bother trying to remember it if you've written it down?' (Alastair King - CPAS administrator extraordinaire and St Paul's Church Treasurer)

So administration is remembering where you put everythings. I blog; I forget. There's a thought.

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Martin said...

I think what you have to work out is how long it will take for you to read your entire years postings, including comments, and everyone elses you know, also including comments, and your diary, and all the letters you have received and all the emails too, carefully noting down what is award worthy, and then decide wether this is worth doing or if you are better just making it up in the way that I seem to remember you saying you did the christmas blog, even though it appears to fit facts reasonably well.

I think that that deserves a longest sentence of complete drivel if you're really stuck for awards. Still what I was going to say, before I went off on a tangent, I do like the quote of A King, I think some congratulations are due there also!