Friday, November 04, 2005

Writing for a Living

In response to the many people who ask what I write when I'm writing for a living there are some links here to work I've done recently.

Each month I write the games column (reviewing on-line non-registration computer games) for the Surefish web-site. Click here to visit it. I also write their monthly prayer page - a few verses, some prayers and some quotes. I try to be topical so visiting may save you some preparation time. Click here to visit. It is still unbelievable that I get paid for what used to be my lunch-hour displacement activity (and that isn't writing prayers).

I have worked a lot for World Vision over the last few months, particularly producing ten-minute guides to all sorts of world issues such as poverty, trade justice and environment. Click here to visit. I have started work on some church packs for them with resources for services and small groups on the same subjects.

I write all sorts of other stuff too, including some trade marketing copy that would have you cleaning your own spleen with a pipe brush rather than reading twice. No links but it pays well. Dreaming up slogans is very well paid.

You will find my name in Scripture Union materials most quarters - Light Years, the GRID, Airlock or One-up. You can also register for Crusaders Energize youth materials.

So if you want that best-man speech polishing, a youth group session in an emergency or your dull business publicity rewritten in plain English ask for a quote.

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