Thursday, November 17, 2005

The dumb and the blind

Well It had to happen eventually. Statistics say that everything must happen eventually so I'll keep trying to strike that match on a jelly (see post on training Mum to use her DVD player).

As the cold I had been incubating got its timing perfect for making me feel dog-rough on the night of the Alpha healing talk I realised that the delightful Meg and Alan were sitting on the front row. Now Alan is unable to speak properly following a stroke - he has only said 'yes' or no' to me so far and Meg has very limited vision. I guess it helped me to work hard at the apparently random nature of healing today. Jesus made the blind see and the dumb speak once. Would he?

At the end of the talk I gave an opportunity for anyone who wished for prayers for healing to be prayed for. It wouldn't be fair of me to tell you who, or how many, took up this option.

When we had finished praying we had coffee and I got into an interesting discussion about whether eczema was too trivial a matter to ask God to heal (given the state of others so much worse off). I thought this was so nice a question, so humbly and sensitively put, that I intend to pray for the sufferer without telling them. Why don't you too?

As we left and Alan and Meg got their coats and headed out the door I said, 'Goodnight Alan'. He turned to face me and, clear as a bell, said 'Goodnight.' Meg turned round at once and said, 'That was very good; I think he's getting better.'

Once, when I was young, I asked God to make it snow heavily to show me he was there. (I did meet him half way; I prayed in Birmingham in winter.) The next day there was a light covering of snow. So God was lightly there. Ever since then I have experienced God's light touch here and there - a flurry not a maelstrom. Goodnight Alan.

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