Monday, November 21, 2005

Cold Day 10

Morning all. No I don't feel so bad thanks for asking but for someone who spends a lot of his life with his mouth open, either gawping, smiling or simply catching flies, it is one of life's cruelties that any attempt today to open my mouth wider than a crack and the sound of splitting lips can be heard for many a mile. This made the backing vocals difficult yesterday - I hadn't planned on singing but one of the singers was off sick (pah). I sang every song an octave lower, sustaining a hernia during 'Be thou my vision' trying to get the notes out of my lungs without widening my mouth.

Decided to have a grapefruit for breakfast to wake me up. This was not the wisest thing I have ever done. Maybe all my cunning and wisdom was used up on Friday night. The introduction of citric acid into a cracked lip is, however, to be thoroughly recommended for making you feel truly awake.

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