Monday, October 24, 2005

People who make my day

I don't mean in a 'go ahead punk' way. I mean understanding what sort of thinking I do in an ordinary day might work better if you met some of the people I meet. I'll try and introduce a few over the next few weeks.

Mondays always start with Paul. Paul is a delight. He is maybe 30 or so and has severe learning difficulties. He is bright but cannot communicate easily. He finds it particularly difficult to pronounce consonants but when we are really struggling to understand each other he writes things down and that usually helps. Paul is paid £3 to hoover the church. It seems mean but the Adult Learning Centre tell us that too much money confuses him.

I walk into church. We have a staff meeting and coffee together on a Monday. Paul is in before me (which means somebody else is too or he wouldn't be in).

'Ello 'Eve
Hello Paul. How are you?
Yes I've come to work.
Ime i it?
It's half past nine.
Wor'. Wor'.
Yes Paul I think it's time you started work.
Wha' you dooin?
We have a meeting.
Yes we'll have a cup of tea.
Wor', wor'.
Lets get on with our work Paul.
Next wik.
Yes, see you next week.

It has taken me about a year to be this proficient in Paulese. My week would be the poorer without him.

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