Friday, October 14, 2005


On my walk back from the gym this afternoon I noticed two women, one older, one younger, perhaps mother and daughter, going into Mosleys. Now Mosleys is a poundstretcher-type shop. I don't know if there is snobbery in the budget shop market but if there is I apologise for any offence caused by an inappropriate comparison. Still, I think it's fair and frankly that's what matters right now. It is a poundstretcher-type in that they take 30p's value and stretch it into a pound.

Now on the floor, all over the entrance (this is October 14th OK?) were bits of Christmas tinsel ready for throwing over two enormous artificial trees.

So you get the picture. The place is a mess while they do their decorating. And older woman says to younger woman, 'Oh look isn't it beautiful?'

So ladies and gentlemen I present to you the one person, perhaps in the world, who is delighted shops are going to be playing Christmas music from now on, overlooking all the time we Christians want to spend complaining about Halloween and Bonfire Night first.

Anyway you'll find her body in the third industrial bin from the left behind Bish Bosh Nosh, should you need it. I wouldn't worry. Best place for her really. They'd probably want Frostie the Snowman at the funeral.

I have blogged so much today you can probably guess that there is a job I'm not finding easy which I am avoiding. Are you waterblogged? Back to conflict then.

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