Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bird Flu - The Lighter Side

Bereavement will be kept to a minimum as whole families will be wiped out. Tears of joy will also be shead by any surviving undertakers, paper tissue manufacturers, drug companies and non-poultry meat producers. Population densities will be reduced, also having a calming effect on traffic congestion. Unemployment will vanish.


Kathryn said...

I'm worked hard, and you found something! Should you rechristen your blog Pollyanna? Probably not.

Stewart said...

How about these:

Unlike Mad Cow Disease, at least no-one can blame us Brits for starting this one.

Turkey roasts will be less expensive this Christmas. And you'll probably have fewer family members to feed, so they'll go (even) further.

The likelihood of the scenario shown in Hitchcock's film "The Birds" coming to pass will drop dramatically. You can imagine the conversation; "Lads, what say we all fly down from this telephone wire and terrorise those people down there?" "And run the risk that one of them has Avian flu? What sort of idiot do you take us for?"

Finally somebody (hint hint) might be able to make some money out of the forthcoming pandemic by coming up with a timely re-working of a Monty Python sketch, which involves someone's parrot actually being dead although they are reluctant to admit it. Don't know who'd want to buy such a thing, but feel free to play around with the idea next time you have writer's block.