Thursday, September 29, 2005

Selling Things 3

...who still have a maintenance contract with me for my old boiler, they ask why I left, if I realised it would be cheaper to come back and who did I go to. They even doorstepped me yesterday and asked me to come back. No, pleaded.

When I explain that I don't care about price much and what I don't want to do for a few years yet is talk about changing they look confused (because of course I have a record of changing although only once in 27 years). If I do change again it will be to go to green electricty, which is more expensive.

Why do my bank try to sell me household insurance or quote for my mortagage? Why do they invite me in for a financial review to do this? They are a bank. Keep my money. Isn't that enough?

I like finding things for myself. One salesman got lucky with me once. The rest. Go away unless I want you and then make it easy for me to find you.

Quite a short rant really. Couldn't get the energy together.

However I notice Lloyds Bank have sent me another rewards offer. They will be hearing from me.


jobs123 said...

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Martin said...

here here.

I am also totally annoyed by people trying to sell me things I don't want. Those leaflets in magazines. Also, I remember my bank advertising a sale. How can a bank have a sale? Their services aren't seasonal!

Interested by your green electricity mention (not entirely relevant for me yet - I'm not in charge of that sort of thing, but maybe when I get my own place). Just wondering how that works, as you don't buy from the elctricity generator, and you have no way of knowing where the electricity you buy actually comes from. I expect that it all works out via the paper trail - maybe if enough of us use it they actually will put up more wind farms/solar panels etc.

Anyway, that's way too much from me, so I'll stop there.