Monday, September 05, 2005

Advanced DIY

I have decided to update my DIY theory. The short job I thought I had to do (replace the battery in the front door bell) did not, of course, make the front door bell function. Why did I think it would?

A bit of fiddling around with the pusher unit showed it to be completely jammed so we decided to buy a new system. We bought it from 'the laminated book of dreams' (Bill Bailey on Argos) for £39.99. This system has two sounder units which you plug into a socket so you can take a bell round the house with you. Our three-story house (sorry bit show-offy) made hearing the bell awkward until now.

It only took five minutes to fit the new system and make it work, which kind of blows my original DIY theory out of the water, but compared to the cost of a battery at £1.99 it was a bit pricey. So, the advanced theory:

When estimating the length of any DIY task double the time you thought of and measure in the next unit upwards.


Take the cost you imagined the job would come to, double it and add a nought.

This works for me.

Breakfast, staff meeting, book shop, gym, Tescos, cooking, pastoral visit, ironing, leadership team. Laters.

Six Music playing a White Stripes tune. 'I'm thinking about the doorbell when they gonna ring it; when they gonna ring it'. How touching. Anyone else out there think they are the biggest load of over-rated, over-hyped talentless doo-doos in the known world?


Chris said...

White Stripes - Yeah, I'm not particularly excited by their music. Hadn't heard a lot of it to be fair, but I went to the iTunes music store, previewed a few tracks and got bored. It's safe to say I won't be buying any of their stuff...

If you want to listen to something good (and you've got iTunes) search for "Kevin Rowe" in the iTunes music store, or go to and order the live CD - there's a preview on his web site.

Martin said...

I like one track - 7 Nation Army. It it the only one with enough bass to accompany the other stuff.

I think that guitar and drums only was always a bad idea. If two instruments, should be guitar/piano and bass - drums should be reserved for three instrument or greater ensembles.