Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Writing Practice

Stewart says I should not have described speed as gargantuan. Gargantuan means gigantic and is not therefore a correct measure of pace. Stewart is becoming quite annoying. Not only are his comments accurate they are also amusing and make me look stupid.

In the great seeking after truth business, which some may recall was the purpose of this blog, let it be known that running a youth group full of interesting and intelligent young people simply produces an army of interesting and intelligent older people who will be rude to you in ways you have yet to imagine.

Still, here's to Chester-le-Street CYFA 1988-92 and the small army of anarchy it raised. Little do they know that on a given command from me, thanks to several subliminally inserted triggers, they will rise up and do my bidding.

Holiday Club day two survived. Remember never to help small children finish glueing things just before playing the piano.

Late news. Liz has won the sweepstake at Cargo Didcot for the time the electricians would finish their 'couple of hours work' today. She put 5pm and was closest as nobody else was that pessimistic. They were still on site at 7pm.

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