Saturday, August 13, 2005

Wet Saturday

I have been home alone this wet Saturday and have done exciting things like reaching the bottom of the ironing basket (found three cans of spray starch), drying out some bedding because Ben went away for the weekend leaving his bedroom window open, booking a holiday for September (hooray) and shopping for some new jeans. Also went to the gym and watched England fail to make the Aussies follow-on in the few overs play that was possible in the not-really-ironic Manchester rain. Also in the Manchester rain West Brom began their second sucessive Premiership campaign with a goalless draw at Manchester City. This was caused by now having a goalkeeper who is quite good, apparently. That'll do.

Have been writing some ten minute guides to various world issues for World Vision, an excellent charity I am just getting to know. Look at them and tell me what you think. I am really pleased with what they have done with my text.

Just about to go to a 50th birthday party.


Martin said...

What is the source of the statistic "Spread over ten years the cost to the UK taxpayer of cancelling £1.3 billion debt is £171 million a year or £2.85 per UK citizen per year – the price of a pint in London."?

Was considering mentioning to my MP, while emailing to ask what the state of debt relief, trade and aid etc. is, but expect that they would listen more if it come from official figures. although I am probably actually thinking about it more concerned about the trade issue, as I get the impression less was done on this.

Oh, and the 10 minute guides are good.


St said...

Martin thanks for that. The source, for me, was another World Vision Publication which I lifted the quote from:

You may need to e-mail them direct for the source but it does ring true with the statistics in the Department for International Development's Rough Guide to a Better World where I find much of my material.