Monday, August 22, 2005


It won't have escaped your attention that it was the intention of this author to raise questions whilst being mildly amusing (Mildly Amusing, another one who failed the audition for Dwarf Idol) and that over recent weeks it has been more like quite depressing (Quite Depressing, fifth understudy for the four horsemen of the apocalypse).

So we need to have a laugh in the face of whatever it is that's in our face at the moment. How might we achieve that?

Well I am alone right now, waiting for a bedraggled Ben to bedrag himelf in from the V festival with a wet tent to the sad news that he left his bedroom window open and his pillows and bed here are also wet. Laughing aloud when you are alone is rare.

Last night I laughed aloud, alone at the correction in the Church of England Newspaper that the article they referenced called Sins of God should have been named Signs of God. Memories came back of the birth announcement to Tom and Jemima of a git of a son in Nottingham circa 1986. But having laughed aloud I did run round the house until I found Liz and told her what I was laughing at. Do you need to do this? That is why laughing aloud alone is such a waste. I normally phone Richard in these circumstances.

It's not funny yet. Will try later. In the words of Bob Monkhouse, 'They laughed when I told them I wanted to be a comedian when I grew up; they're not laughing now.'

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