Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Photo saga part 576

My full profile now has a photo in. I worked out how to crop a photo down to small enough and make a link and drop it in using the blogger photo hosting service and I'm chuffed because I worked it out for myself like a man too scared to ask for directions in case he accidentally admits he is lost. Thing is, in this blog I have regularly admitted to being lost but haven't managed to solicit much understandable help. Johnny no mates.

Next task is to get the photo to appear in my brief profile all the time and to get other headings on the side bar so I can do clever links to other people's blogs I read and sites I visit and music I listen to and books I read.

Calm down. Calm down.

I know the way to Amarillo now.

1 comment:

Martin said...

Impressed. Look forward to the links. You'll enjoy template editing!