Monday, August 29, 2005

Guitar Solos

These are the sorts of things that should occupy a person on a Bank Holiday Monday. Trying to find your favourite guitar solos. I wonder if, like me, you enjoy finding great guitar solos on tunes you otherwise dislike. Examples would include:

Goodbye To Love by The Carpenters
Easy by the Commodores

But the great solos:

Brighton Rock by Queen
Conditioned Soul by The Eurythmics
Standing at the Station by Ten Years After
Breaking Into Heaven by the Stone Roses
Sometimes I Feel So Uninspired by Traffic

Probably more as I browse.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

This is a delayed response in fact about 3 years or thereabouts I actually discovered your blog via CEN - does this mean very few readers of CEN follow your blog or maybe very few vicars have a good sound knowledge of guitar solo's - from this weeks CEN I discovered that Bishop Graham Cray (is he the guy who used to be at York with David Watson? Anyway any guitar solo by David Gilmour - its not the speed but the feel and context to me that matters - but the one on Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street is magnificent as well.


St said...

Yeah Graham Cray is a bit of a cultural guru and manages to keep abreast of the popular.

I fear few CEN readers are into the web and even fewer love guitars.

Thanks for calling by.