Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Last day of Fred the cat-pooh eating collie-cross asleep on my feet. Fred and I have just been blackberrying - global warming you see, blackberries no longer autumn fruit.

Fred sat at my feet while I braved the nettles in search of the juicy ones. He seemed to know that something to do with food was going on but was blowed if he could work out what. Resigned to ignorance he lay on the path and ignored the world.

When he is alert his ears stand up with a right angle at the very tip. When he is guilty, or ignoring me, his ears follow the contours of his head. If that is a hangdog expression (and I hope it is; who'd hang a dog?) then he has it.

Cocky and over-confident at my new-found photo cropping ability I have added a picture of Fred (30th August).

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