Friday, May 06, 2005


In 1987 I voted Alliance in Nottingham and the Tory won the seat by about 300 votes. Last night the Labour MP James Plaskitt held Leamington and Warwick by 306 votes. My tactical vote made a difference. My life returns to equilibrium.


John Hartnup said...

Well done.

I also voted tactically in Warwick and Leamington, and am relieved I did.

Dizz said...

Just wanted to say Hi to you and Liz, I hope you and the family are well.

I forgot to register for a postal vote, but then as my parents constituency is the 2nd safest Tory seat in the country there is very little point - Dr Liam Fox was elected again.

Watched the election from NZ with mild amusement, especially as I am learning that my politics down here are totally reversed.

Dizz (previously Baker)