Thursday, May 05, 2005

General Election

Today is 5/5/5. Isn't that elegant?

I just realised that I have a standard joke to write in the card when one of your friends becomes an archdeacon. This might be the saddest piece of self-realisation I have ever stumbled across.

So. How did you vote? I voted labour. Here's why. The last eight years have seen more people lifted out of poverty in this country than for some considerable time. We cannot afford to jeopardise that.

The local MP James Plaskitt has been a hard-working and efficient constituency MP.

I think, with hindsight, the war was a bad decision but I didn't think so at the time and didn't march against it or anything. The Conservatives were pro-war too. A Liberal vote in Leamington and Warwick would, almost certainly, be a Conservative vote.

So I voted Plaskett with the hope of Brown sooner rather than later, not Blair. I also voted labour in the Council elections but mainly because by and large Labour Councils do more for minorities.

I long for a single transferable voting system.

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