Friday, May 07, 2021

Thought for the Day

As recorded yesterday and played on BBC Radio Bristol this morning:

From the streets of Bedminster answers to 'What would you do if you were mayor?'

We all have hobby-horses, pet peeves and vision for our city.

In the Jim Carrey film 'Bruce Almighty' Bruce has been made God for a week while God takes a vacation. Fed up of all the prayer requests he arranges for them to arrive as emails. Then he replies with a keystroke, 'Yes - to all'. Suddenly, thousands of people share a tiny lottery prize. Every sports game ends in a draw.

One day Jesus was faced with a queue. He'd been up early getting some holy space and, returning to the village, found the sick and needy waiting for him. His reply is shocking. 'Let's go somewhere else.' Mark 1:38 if you don't believe me.

We pay our leaders to make decisions when competing demands are rushing at them. They simply can't say 'Yes to all'. If you were mayor for a day how would you cope when people said 'You haven't been listening' just because you weren't going to do what they wanted. Maybe you'd say 'Let's go somewhere else'. Who would blame you?

Whoever is mayor at the end of today they deserve our prayers and support.

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