Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sticking to your Principles

Today's sermon was on Mark 5:21-43. It is an interesting passage. Mark uses the story of one miracle, in two parts, as bookends for another miracle. My sermon is going to be on our church YouTube channel shortly.

In passing I noticed this:

Jairus, a synagogue leader, who reported that his daughter was close to death, did not seem to care if Jesus, a holy man, risked ritual uncleanness by visiting his dying daughter, and maybe being with her once dead. He should have; but he didn't. His principles did not survive desperation.

The woman with the show of blood tried to touch the hem of Jesus' garment so that she didn't cause him to become unclean. She needn't have worried; but she did. Her principles survived desperation.

Libertarians, who do not believe any citizens should ever have to carry papers saying who they are, are wondering if that holds true post-pandemic. Should we have vaccine passports?

Authoritarians, who do not believe that crowds should ever be allowed to gather in a pandemic, are wondering if that holds true when the Queen's husband dies. Should that be an exception?

Desperation tests your principles. It sometimes tells you that they weren't principles after all.

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