Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ten reasons not to be married to a priest

Following episode two of Rev a number of posts have appeared (google them; I can't be bothered to link) about the disadvantages of being married to a priest. Given that in the latest episode Mrs priest shared her fantasy that she wanted to dress as a prostitute and be role-play-picked-up and then have sex in a lift (possibly a man wrote that? I only ask) I'd like to offer ten reasons why you should be married to a priest:

1. We'll pray for you a lot
2. Done properly, black is cool
3. Christians make better lovers
4. We are generous and hospitable
5. We live in better houses than we could otherwise afford
6. We can do the school run
7. People tend to default to being nice to you. Strangers are friendly
8. We're very happy about the whole ho-lift thing if you are
9. We are articulate and good at conversation thingies like
10. We're in it for the long-haul

Tomorrow. Ten reasons not to be married to a retail area manager.

(Love you Lizzy)

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Steve Tilley said...

It was rude and lazy not to link. Here is where I found it first