Monday, October 11, 2021

Thought for the Day

As delivered (pre-recorded) on BBC Radio Bristol Breakfast this morning.

Last time I had a job other than vicar I worked as a writer. I once got paid for eight words. A building services company were happy with my slogan: 'Large enough to cope; local enough to care'.

That was my past. But we all become better carers when it is local. When the need is on our doorstep, or involves someone we know.

Our stories this morning on BBC Radio Bristol are linked by the word 'caring'.

A charity that helps families to look after a child, when their parents can't.

A support group for people with a rare skin condition

Raising money for, and awareness about, a cancer

Caring for the environment by cutting out waste.

The challenge my faith, through my Bible, sets me is 'Who is my neighbour?' The Bible describes us as one in Christ Jesus. Whilst grateful to those who raise awareness of needs into which they have been thrust by circumstances, being a carer regardless of background is a deep and biblical call. For we are all part of one race.

My slogan needs amending. We sometimes need to cope even though we are small. And care for those a bit further away.

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