Sunday, June 04, 2006

All Night Party

I spent all night at an all-night party. Sadly I wasn't invited and had to enjoy the bass alone from the comfort of my pounding bed with the accompaniment of my pounding head. Did this all happen the day after we removed the double glazing from our bedroom window to clean and broke one of the panels? Need you ask?

I am not going to join the company of old fogeys who wander down the street in their night clothes seeking the noise-source in order to complain. Anyway I don't have any night clothes.

So this morning a nice quiet Pentecost morning service to lead and everyone else behaves like they have been at the all-night party. Song words are projected in the wrong order. Musicians start the wrong song in the wrong key at the wrong speed (otherwise fine). Organist arrives after the service has begun. PA is not turned up until half-way through my first sentence each time I speak and during the sermon I get a nose bleed.

'We love this church', said two newcomers to me afterwards, 'the welcome is lovely and nobody minds if anyone makes a mistake.'

'These men are not drunk as you suppose; it is only 10.30 in the morning.' (Acts 2:15 adjusted for British Summer Time and then some.) But remember. Not everything that is rubbish is evidence of the Holy Spirit at work.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but your catalogue of woes did make me chuckle to myself! I had a similar sort of day... trip to police station and waiting 4 hours for RAC Autowindscreens to fit a sheet of plastic into the gap where my window used to be. Sometimes all you can do is just laugh at it all.

Martin said...

hmmmmm... I missed all that excitement due to the late post-wedding night excitment.