Saturday, January 21, 2006

Down the M50

There's been a lot of trouble about the precise amount of information the police can keep on someone if they are wrongly arrested.

Yes but there's a whale in the River Thames

I mean suppose your DNA sample was mixed up or compromised and you were later implicated in a crime you never committed?

Did you know there was a whale in the River Thames though?

And what about sex offenders and teaching? This bloke repents of having an affair with a fifteen year old girl (who he later married), committed no further sexual offences yet has now been chased out of town.

Someone says they saw a whale at Southend too.

22 people were killed by the latest suicide bomber in Iraq.

It'll never get through the locks at Lechlade.

They might have killed Osama bin Laden's second in command in Afghanistan.

Perhaps it could be turned round and harried back to the open sea?

We may have got beyond the point of no return in global climate change.

It's really pretty the way it moves through the water. So graceful.

Too many of our schools are under-performing.

They should watch this thing on Sky News about a whale in the River Thames.

The Liberal Democrats need a new leader.

It's so sad that the whale may die.


Martin said...

something about "good day to bury bad news" springs to mind.

On a side note, did you know that fingerprints have never been proven as good evidence. It was just assumed they were. There have been studies to attempt to prove it, but these have been flawed. (something was written in new scientist about it I think.)

Mark said...

Yes Martin... but did you see the footage of the Whale in the river Thames?

Caroline said...

I wonder if the whale was a bogus assylum seeker?